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Our logo should be used in contrast with the background, making it stand out. The Worm logo should not be used with any other pictures around its borders and should not include the text "The Worm" next to it, as this may imply partnership.

Original logo Black logo Blue logo Gray logo White logo


We use the typeface 'Oswald' as our site's uniform font. You can find it on Google Fonts.


Our color scheme is very impactful, all our HEX, RGB and CMYK combinations are below.

Self promoting

TThe Worm is aware that most companies maintain own their own website, you may use your company's website to promote your company on The Worm by adding ‘Find us on The Worm!’ to your page. Self promoting is allowed as long as you do not :

Social Media

You can find The Worm on other social media sites as listed below

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking here!

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