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Learn how to use The Worm

Registration & Login

To access the login and registration panels, click the gear located at the right side of the navigation bar.

After logging in you now have options to view your showroom, edit your account, or sign out of your account.

The first 4 fields of registration require a username, password entry, password confirmation, and an email for verification.

The fields below the line require information pertaining to the company or independent start-up you plan on linking to the account.

Now, enter your username and emailed verification code into the designated fields in order to complete the registration process.


The main page of The Worm is the production page. This page displays an informative table of the facilities near your location, and allows you to sort them based on their available machines, services, location, and verification status with

By clicking the text box in the distance filter, the "Any Distance" box will automatically become unselected.

By entering a distance into the text box, facilities outside of the distance will disappear automatically.

The Worm is a great resource for new entrepreneurs. By clicking the "Getting Started" button, The Worm can help you get you on the right track to bring your goal to life. Clicking the "Getting Started" button will make the entrepreneur startup page appear in a new tab.

Under the miscellaneous tab in filters, there is an option to show "Only Worm Verified Companies", this option allows you to only see facilities that have passed a credit check with The Worm


This is the main page of the classifieds section. From this main page, you can create an ad, edit an existing ad, or search through other seller's ads.

Creating a listing

Create a Listing

All of the following steps require that the user is logged in.

The first step in creating an ad is to navigate to the classifieds page, as shown on the right. Then click the 'Edit Listings' button in the upper right corner of the classifieds.

By clicking 'Edit Listings', you will be taken to this page. To begin creating your ad, click the blue 'Create Listing' button.

Now you can begin to add information for your ad. Click on each box and add the appropriate information. It is not necessary to add your contact information to the listing description, as it will be displayed from your Worm account.

To add a photo to your ad, drag it from its respective folder on your computer to the box on the page. You can add up to 5 photos per ad. An example of this is shown to the right.

Once a photo is uploaded, it will be displayed in the box without any obstructions (such as loading bars over it).

Once all of your photos are successfully uploaded and you are satisfied with your ad, click the green 'Create Listing' button at the bottom of the page.

By clicking the 'Create Listing' button, your listing will be published and you will be taken back to edit listings page. Now your ad will be displayed.

You can now preview this listing by clicking the 'View' button on the right side of your classifieds summary.

If you would like to change your ad's description, title, price, or temporarily unlist the ad, you can find out how in to the next portion of this help page Editing an ad.

To edit any of your ads, navigate to the 'Classified Listings' tab.

To temporarily unlist your add, click the 'Deactivate' button. Doing so will display the word 'Inactive' next to the title of your deactivated ad. To re-activate it, click 'Activate' and the red 'Inactive' text will disappear.

To change the description, title, or price of your ad, click the 'Edit' button located to the right side of your ad summary. Doing so will bring you to the edit listing page (shown right). On this page, you can modify the description, title, and price of your ad.

When you first open the classifieds section from the nav bar, you will be presented with a list of all posted classifieds on the site.

You can use the search tool on the right hand side of the classifieds. As an example search, we entered 'CNC'. As you can see, the results have changed from the original photo (shown above).

You can also change the viewing style from a list to a grid by using the view tool (shown below).



The tab on the right side of your screen is your messaging tab. Hovering your mouse over the tab will make it slide out from the side as shown in the center. By clicking the paper airplane in the top left, you can pin the tab open (shown right). Click the pin to unpin it.

Clicking on the name of a company will open that specific thread. You can type your message in the white box below the conversation. Then click the send button, and just like that, you've sent your message.

To start a new conversation, click 'compose new' at the bottom of the messages tab, search the name of the company you want to message, and then click 'Go'. Clicking 'Go' will open a new messaging thread.


While logged in, you can see a pencil in the upper right of each panel that you can click to customize your page.

Your availability panel shows a list of your services and how they are scheduled for the next two weeks.

In the left panel, your company's logo is displayed.

The right panel contains a description of your company.

Below your company's description is a Google Map of where your facility is located.

Below your logo is your company's phone and fax numbers as well as the account holder's email.

In the left panel is your company's gallery. This pannel will only appear if you have added photos to your gallery.

In the right panel, other users can see reviews for past jobs you have completed on The Worm.

In the bottom left panel, you can add a youtube video for people to see when they visit your page. (Don't worry, autoplay is disabled).


The navigation panel on the left side of the settings page lets you switch between 'Accounts', 'Alerts', 'Availability', 'Classified Listings', and 'Showroom'.

Account Settings

Go to Account Settings

In account settings, the username field can not be changed. The company name, email, and phone number fields can be edited.

The next 4 fields are used to identify a location for your company's address.

To change your password, enter it twice into the password fields.

Clicking the 'Logout All' button will sign out your account on all devices it is currently signed into. To delete your account on The Worm, please contact our support team.

To save your changes, enter your current password and click 'Save Settings'.

Alert Settings

Go to Alert Settings

In alert settings, you can choose what email alerts you receive. An empty box next to an alert means you will not receive it (shown right).

To opt-in to an alert, click the empty box next to the alert and a check will appear (shown right). To opt-out, click the box so it is empty.

Availability Settings

Go to Availability Settings

In the availability settings page, you can edit the general availability of your company for two weeks. You can also add new machines or services and edit them in the same manner.

All services and machines can be discarded from your settings aside from overall.

When clicking edit, you will be shown that specific service's settings for the next two weeks. Hovering over a square will display the day it applies to. To change the setting for a particular day, click the square.

A green square means available, a red square means unavailable.

Classifieds Settings

Go to Classifieds Settings

Showroom Settings

Go to Showroom Settings

In the showroom settings tab, you can change your company's logo, gallery photos, YouTube video, and description.

Your company's logo can be changed by clicking 'Choose File' in the first section of the panel.

Gallery photos can be changed in the second panel of the showroom settings.

To add photos, click the upper box and select a photo, or drag a photo from your computer into it.

To delete a photo from your gallery, hover the mouse over the image, and click the red trashcan. A red 'X' will appear over the photos you have marked for deletion. To confirm deletion, enter your password at the bottom of the page and click save.

Your company's YouTube video can be changed in the showroom settings page. On the showroom settings, clicking the help button in this panel will display a tutorial.

In the last panel of the showroom settings, you can modify your company's description.

Finally, enter your password and click 'Save Settings' to save your changes.