The Worm for Entrepreneurs


Step 1: Finding a designer

Finding a designer is the first step to making your idea a reality. Designers can create a 3D model of your product and advise you on where to go next. Luckily, The Worm is well suited to find a designer for you!

  • First, select that you'd like to find design services by selecting the design service in our production filters panel.
Find a designer on the production page.
  • Any company with a green check mark next to a service, and that service currently available. A red 'X' means the service is offered, but is currently unavailable.
    An example of each is shown below.
Choose a designer from the results.
  • To see a user's profile, click "View Showroom", or to contact this user, click "Message" (must be logged in to use this feature)
View a user's showroom, or contact via messaging

Step 2: Choose a production material

The material that your product is made of will influence the design and cost of production. To name a few, you could choose from:

  • Carbon
  • Metals
    • Aluminium
    • Steel
    • Titanium
  • Wax
  • Plastic
    • ABS
    • HDPE
    • PLA
    • PVC
  • Wood
  • Your designer will be able to take this into account to better advise you with future decisions.

    Step 3: Determine your order size

    Depending on your order size, some production methods will be more cost-effective than others. Here is what we recommend.

  • Low quantity 1-25 units
    • 3D printing
    • REN making
    • Model making
  • Medium quantity 25-1000 units
    • CNC
    • Prototype molds
  • Large quantity 1000+ units
    • CNC
    • Steel molds
    • Production toolings

    Step 4: Find a producer

    Depending on your project, you will need certain types of producers.

    • Fabrication shops (to machine small parts)
    • Mold shops (to make molds for material injection)
    • Plastics Injection Factories (to actually form the plastics into your idea)
    • Printer labs (to 3D print objects)

    Step 5: Choose a producer

    On the Production Page, you can select the services needed for your project. You can search based on distance, services and verification status.

    In the same fashion as in Step 1. you can click "View Showroom", or to contact this user, click "Message" (must be logged in to use this feature).

    Step 6: Send a Request for a Quote

    A request for a quote, more commonly called: an RFQ, is something that you send to multiple producers to see when they could do the job, and for how much. An RFQ can be sent through the Jobs page.

    Step 7: Accept and RFQ

    Accepting an RFQ will automatically turn it into an active job, you can manage your active jobs from the Jobs page.

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